Corner Guard – 35mm


Prevents risk of potential injuries due to collision with the sharp edge of a corner. Also prevents corner getting chipped.


Are your children bumping into corners of walls, bumping their head on the sharp edges of low laying bench tops??

Are the corners of the wall at your home or centre chipped due to things constantly bumping into them??

Well you no longer have to worry, We have the perfect solution for your problem.

Our corner guards come in multiply of colours to light up the room and as they are highly flexible, they can be placed in any corner situations to protect both the child and prevent the corners from getting chipped.

Made from soft but durable Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) with 3M double sided tape for easy installation, these corner guards will ensure that your corners will no longer be an OHS concern. Saving your corners from getting chipped by thing such as vacuum cleaners etc is just an added bonus.

1200x25x25mm or 1200x35x35mm sized guards are available and they can be easily cut to required size.

So if you have a wall corner or a low laying bench top corner or a door corner etc which poses a safety concern for your children, these guards are a MUST.

Easy to install using strong double sided tape

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Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Ivory, Lime, Olive, Orange, Pink, White, Yellow




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