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We are committed in providing our customers product and services which will ensure safety of those that are most precious to us – our Children. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers and staff by honouring our commitments and striving for the highest quality of service.

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Research conducted by Monash University over a two year period showed that may door jam finger accidents involve a second person, often another child. The research also concluded that the most sever finger/hand jam injuries involve the hinge side of the door.


A closing swing door can exert up to 40 tonnes per square inch of pressure on trapped hands and fingers, resulting in trauma, mutilation and in some extreme cases, amputation. This easily preventable accident could have a long term psychological damage to a child or an adult especially if an amputation took place.

Some of our valued clients

Ronald McDonald House, The Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children Preschool, Liverpool Hospital, Penrith City Council centres, SA Community Children’s Services, Holroyd City Council centres, Parramatta City Council centres, World Tower Childcare Centre, University of NSW Children’s Services, UTS Children’s Services, Mount View Primary School, Know City Council Children’s Services.


Insurance companies, such as Guild Insurance, have stated that common cause of injury and subject of high percentage of childcare centre claims seen by the company are a result of child’s finger/s being caught in a closing swing door. In many cases the finger is severed or fractured and extensive treatment is required. They recommend installation of door finger guards on all swing doors.

Increasingly safety auditors are also strongly recommending installation of finger jam protectors on all high risk swing doors to eliminate the possible risk of finger/hand injuries.

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