Door Finger Guard-Double fold,wide

Door Finger Guard-Double fold,Wide
Prevents incidents of children's hands getting caught in the dangerous gap along the hinge side of a door as it open and closes.

- For doors with wider gaps between the door and the door frame where ordinary Door Finger Guard is not suitable.
  Especially for use in covering parliament hinges.

- By eliminating the gap between the door and the door frame, prevents unwanted loss of heat/coolness thus assists in
  maintaining the room temperature.

- Available for internal and external usage and all materials are made from abrasion, heat, cold and weather resistant

- Can be installed on virtually any hinged doors such as reinforced glass doors, wooden doors, steel doors or aluminum
  doors, bifold doors or even on doors that push open both ways.

- Can be easily detached and reinstalled if the door requires maintenance to the hinges.

Uses strong double-sided tapes that can be easily installed and removed without leaving any damage or marks. No
  need for any screws or power tools to install.

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