Door Finger Guard

Door Finger Guard
Prevents incidents of children's hands getting caught in the dangerous gap along the hinge side of a door as it open and closes.
$59.95 each inc GST. Click to Order 


- Can be installed on virtually any hinged doors such as reinforced glass doors, wooden doors, steel doors or aluminum doors,
  bifold doors or even on doors that push open both ways.

- Can be easily detached and reinstalled if the door requires maintenance to the hinges.
Designed to suit any décor of a centre with
  10 different coloured guards.

- Made from non-toxic TPR material offering superior durability and quality.

- Uses strong double-sided tapes that can be easily installed and removed without leaving any damage or marks. No need for any
  screws or power tools to install.

- Minimizes the airflow through the gaps in doors/door jams thus saving on electricity usage.


Please contact Customer Service for shorter or longer length.

Installation images

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