Glass Door Finger Guard

Glass Door Finger Guard

Minimises the risk of injuries to fingers/hands when doors are slammed shut on the handle side of a glass panel door.

 Available for internal and external usage and all materials are made of abrasion, heat, cold and weather resistant
- Acts as a cushion, preventing injuries by softening the surface of the doors if an entrapment does occur.

- Acts as a foot guard when installed at the bottom of a door. Eliminates the sharp knife like edge especially on aluminum

- Designed to suit any décor of a centre with 10 different coloured guards.  

- Various lengths available enabling installation in one piece.

- Can be installed on doors of any material e.g. wooden, aluminum or glass doors.

- Made from non-toxic materials with superior quality.

- Soft and flexible providing exceptional shock absorption.
Uses strong double-sided tapes that can be easily installed
  and removed without leaving any marks or damage.

Size and Colours


  How it works                                             

Installation images


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