Anti-Slam Door Stopper

Anti-Slam Door Stopper
Works well with a Coming in 4 different colours shaped like a hand, Anti-Slam Door Stopper will stop a door from slamming on a precious fingers/hands due to wind or children pushing doors shut in play.
$9.90 each incl GST.  Click to Order


- Ideal for use on doors that needs to remain open continually or temporally such as toilet / bathroom doors, office 
  doors or doors leading out to the play area.

- Using a 3M double sided tape, the Anti-Slam Door Stopper will remain fixed on the door which means that you or
  your staff will never have to go looking for it. Simply stick it on and turn the hand dial. 

- Door Finger Guard in minimising the risk of injuries to precious hands and fingers.

Installation Images

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