Sliding Door Guard

Sliding Door Guard
Minimise the risk of a finger or a hand being crushed or jammed between sliding doors or door and the door jamb. 
$24 each incl GST. 
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- Can be installed on sliding doors or edges of desks in various colours and designs for shock absorption.

- Acts as a soft cushioning buffer between the door and the door frame minimising the potential injury if a finger/hand is

Made from non-toxic TPR materials with superior durability and quality.

- Soft and flexible TPR materials with air cushion space providing exceptional shock absorption and body protection.

- Uses strong double-sided tapes that can be easily installed and removed without leaving any marks or damage.

- Screws can be used if additional support is needed.


 and Colours  2150x30x13mm
Please contact customer service for longer length.


Installation Images



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